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Let's get you feeling in control of your finances (instead of your finances controlling you). Tess is a wealth and mindset coach for women, couples, and business owners, helping them to organize and make a game plan for their financial lives so they can keep more money, build more wealth, and spend with purpose.


Coaching Changed Tabitha's Life


"My husband and I started working with Tess about six months before our wedding. She helped us get our budgeting in order, and showed us what we needed to be saving for short term (the wedding and honeymoon) and longer term goals (house, baby, car etc). She did such a great job setting us up to be confidant with our finances going into our marriage. I would highly recommend working with Tess at any stage in your career/ personal life!"

Jessica & Blake

"Tess helped me prioritize my debt and short-term savings. Without her, I would have never made the progress I did, paying off an entire $5k debt to the IRS and increasing my net worth by $7k in 6 months. I went from self-employed to a full-time income and have never felt more secure in my financial life!"

Recent Grad

"In just 3 months I was able to feel more clear and confident with my finances. Tess helped me refinance my student loans (it was nice to have someone, who has seen this stuff before, to bounce ideas and concerns off of!), get started with my first 401(k), and even travel hack my way to India! I loved working with her so much, I referred my parents to her for help with buying a home!"

Recent Grad

Newlyweds, Melissa & Jonathan


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