Go From $0 to Invested in 30 Days, With The Tools to Develop a Personalized Strategy, and The Confidence to Back It Up.

Does any of this sound like you? 

1. You know that the secret to growing your wealth is through making great investments, and you feel like this is your year to take investing seriously.
2. You want to invest, but you feel like you don't have the time or the fancy tools to do all the research, and you're definitely not an "expert".
3. Maybe you’re already investing through your 401(k) or other retirement plan, but you don’t actually have a strategy and it feels unsettling.
4. You’ve tried to do some research on the investing topic, but there’s SO much information out there, SO many different approaches, and you feel completely overwhelmed by all the terminology and technology.
5. You’re maybe, kinda a little scared of losing all of your hard-earned money.
6. If you’re going to start seriously investing, you want to know what the heck your money is doing, understand and have a purpose behind your strategy, and feel confident as an investor.
7. You want to retire rich, maybe even early.


1. Finally understand the world of investing, how people become wealthy from investing, and how you can too!
2. Be a confident and successful investor, without being an expert, without having any fancy tools, and without even paying attention to the news.
3. Know how to spot and avoid FEES, and know how to NOT get screwed over by the investing “experts” that will come knocking (if they haven’t already).
4. Create an investing strategy that you feel comfortable with, and that is completely personalized to you.
5. Invest your money without totally freaking out about what could happen if we enter another recession or if you see your investments looking a little… sickly.
6. Realize that financial freedom is possible with the help of a solid investment strategy, and that retirement isn’t just a pipe dream!

Are You Ready To Figure Out How You Can Make This a Reality For You?


The most comprehensive, and easy-to-understand online investing program that breaks down the complex topic of investing, helps you create an investment strategy that you can have confidence in (because it’s based on Nobel Prize winning research) AND shows you the step-by-step on how to set up your account, pick your investments, and manage your strategy.

Wondering What's Included? Let's Take a Look Inside...

"I feel great about my investing strategy after taking Tess's course. I love Tess's style in understanding the why behind what we are doing and trying to achieve. Following Tess's lead from the course, I set up my M1Finance account and set up automatic $100 per week contributions. Having both the content in writing, as well as the videos that show Tess navigating her M1 account made it so much easier than I would have ever imagined."

Lauren R.
The Invested Program Student

Want a deeper look at the learning modules in The Invested Program?


Learn about the basics of investing, what it means to invest in a stock, bond, or a fund, the difference between long and short-term investing and passive vs. active investing.


Learn the secrets to successful investing, plus defining some more advanced investing terms like diversification, risk and return tradeoff, asset allocation, and rebalancing.


Learn about the various investment accounts available to you, how to pick your investment broker, understand all of the fees involved in investing (and how to keep these low for you own portfolio), and get a step-by-step tutorial on setting up your investment accounts.


Understand why most investors fail, and learn the Nobel-Prize Winning theory behind our winning investment strategy. Learn this strategy and build out your own personalized strategy to apply to your investment portfolio.


Have a strong understanding of all the “bad things” that could happen in the financial markets, know what it takes to have a strong mindset during these hard times, build confidence in seeing your strategy tested, and learn when the “right time” is to invest during a recession, or another down time in the markets.


Learn why investing for retirement is different than investing for other goals. Define your retirement goal and calculate how much to save now for retirement. Understand the many benefits of your retirement accounts and how to take full advantage of them. Plus, learn some of the advanced tax planning and money saving strategies that the financially independent folks use.

And Of Course There Are Some Incredible Bonuses!

Bonus 1: Private VIP Facebook Community (with one-on-one access to Tess) - $47/Month Value

Don’t go at it alone! Join our community of students who are going through the Wander Wealthy programs along with you. Ask questions, get regular bonus content through Facebook Lives, discuss opportunities and strategies, and be a part of an awesome, growing community.



Bonus 2: Bundle of Game-Changing Worksheets and Spreadsheets – $97 Value


Bonus 3: Buy a Home Bonus Module AND Home Affordability Calculator- $247 Value

Many folks consider a home to be an investment, and whether you think it’s an investment or a lifestyle purchase, like me, you’re likely considering purchasing a home in the future – and given that it is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make in your life, I wanted to include this bonus module to share a strategy to use when approaching homeownership and considering whether you can afford that home.



Bonus 4: LIVE Invest-With-Me Module - $497 Value (But possibly priceless!)

When I was thinking of what I could create to make investing less intimidating, I figured, why not let you watch me invest to see how easy it really is? I decided that I’d invest $1,500 each month for at least 6 months to show you how I put the strategies I’m teaching you into practice. Students LOVE this bonus module, it alone is worth more than double the cost of the program!

"It's helped me understand how stocks and bonds work more and it's cool to understand that I don't have to be a stock market genius in order to invest. And rather, I can make good returns with less risky methods. It's also helped me overall to feel more confident and interested in planning my financial future."

Erin F.
The Invested Program Student

Over $1,000 in Value, For Only $197!




Lifetime Access to The Invested Program

Over 45 Video Lessons

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What does “Financial Freedom” mean to you?

To most, it means that you have enough passive income (money you don’t have to exchange your time to make) to pay your bills, while you get to do whatever you want.


Ask yourself…


“What would you do with an investment portfolio that is growing so that, one day, it will pay your bills for you?”


The Invested Program is designed to help you set up this portfolio, apply a personalized strategy for it to amass significant growth, and show you that financial freedom is within your reach.

Hi, I’m Tess! 

I’m your teacher in The Invested Program and the founder of

I have been passionate about investing since I was a little girl–5 years old to be exact–because my 12-year-old brother was doing it, and I wanted to be cool like him.

I studied investing for years, learning how to analyze portfolios and individual companies, acquiring skills and testing my knowledge in the models of financial economics, and even receiving those life-sized checks for winning investing competitions…

and the only reason I tell you about these accomplishments is because even after all of that, I still didn’t fully understand how the investing world worked on a personal end, and how I would apply what I could do so well in school and in businesses, to my own life.

It took me 17 years to finally make my first investment, and although to some that doesn’t seem like a long time, to me, it had been nearly two decades of struggling to understand what investing really was, get over the fear of losing all of my money, and have enough confidence and trust to make it happen.


Eventually, I just bit the bullet and made my first investment without really knowing what I was doing.

I had a hunch (one that worked out for me in the end) but I wish I had some sort of strategy, an understanding of what I was actually doing, and a place to learn, ask what I thought were my “dumb” questions, have the investing world explained to me. 

This is exactly why I created The Invested Program. Because it’s the exact thing I wish I would have had when I first started on my investing journey. 

If you’ve been struggling to really get it, when it comes to investing, if you’ve been afraid to put your money into a system that doesn’t quite make sense to you, if you’ve been looking for a strategy that is personalized for you, your financial picture, and your life goals, then I know you are in the right place, and I know that I can help you. 

Welcome to The Invested Program!

This program isn’t for everyone. Here’s how you’ll know if it's right for you...


1. If you know you’re ready to start investing, you just don’t know how, or when, or maybe even why.
2. If you want to stop being afraid of the financial markets, and start playing the same investing game that the wealthiest of people play.
3. If you don’t want investing to be your full-time job, and you’re not yet ready to pay someone to manage it all for you.
4. Even if you DO pay someone, you want to make sure you understand what’s happening in your investment portfolio, because after all, it is your money.
5. If you know there’s an easier and smarter way to invest than actively trading stocks, timing the market, and predicting the next Apple. (If you don’t know this… you’ll learn quickly inside of the program ;) )
6. If you want to make smart decisions when it comes to investing, and be confident in the strategy you use.

The Invested Program is NOT for you if...

  • You’re looking for a way to get rich quick.
  • You want to learn how to day trade, options trade, invest in penny stocks, value individual companies, and make speculations about the next “Apple”.
  • You aren’t comfortable with the idea that investing involves risk, and you’re not willing to lose any money for any period of time.
  • You want to invest for the short-term and you’re not committed to long-term growth.
  • You’re not willing to commit the time to learn the winning strategy, apply your personalized strategy, and have patience to see it in action.
  • You don’t think investing is the secret ingredient to growing real wealth.

100% Money Back Guarantee 

It’s difficult for me to make guarantees for The Invested Program. Not because it’s not an effective and highly valuable program, but because there are no guarantees when it comes to the physical practice of investing.

Investing involves risk, you will lose money and you will make money by investing in the financial markets, that’s how they operate. Therefore, I can’t make any guarantees when it comes to your physical investment portfolio.

It’s vital to understand that The Invested Program is an educational program, not a done-for-you investing program, and I DO guarantee that the program is packed full of educational content that will over-deliver in value upon the price you paid for the program, and provide you with everything you see above.

If it turns out that you are unhappy with the program’s content and the educational materials, you may submit a request for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase of the program.

**All refunds are subject to the terms of the full refund policy linked at the bottom of this page.

How To Decide If You're Ready To Invest In The Invested Program

If you’re trying to decide if The Invested Program is the right choice for you, as yourself the following questions, they will help you determine if this is a great first investment to make in your long and fruitful investing journey…

Ask Yourself…

  • Do you see yourself investing your money in the financial markets at any time in the future? Do you want to understand how it works before you get in?
  • Are you ready to take the appropriate amount of risk to strategically reap higher rewards?
  • Are you happy with your current financial strategy and pace of wealth building? Are you looking to take that to the next level?
  • What is your financial future and the possibility of financial freedom worth to you? 

Whether you feel ready to start investing or not, it's never too early to start learning. 

I only want you to make the right decision for you. These questions will help you get clear on this decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get with this program?

With the purchase of The Invested Program, you will receive lifetime access to an online course that is meant to be an educational tool to help you learn about investing and how to apply a passive index investing strategy. The course is video-based with voiceover presentations and tutorials, and all presentations are downloadable. The lessons covered in this course are 1.) Investing Basics 2.) Intermediate Investing 3.) Investing Set-Up 4.) The Winning Investment Strategy 5.) When Investing Gets Scary 6.) Retirement and Advanced Taxes. There are bonus materials also included in the program but not guaranteed for lifetime access.


How long do I have access?

You have lifetime access to this course!


What format is the program in?

The format of The Invested Program is voiceover presentations that are delivered via video. Some lessons include tutorials of how to fill-out online and downloadable calculators, how to use various investment tools and investment accounts. Each lesson also comes with a downloadable PDF of the presentation slides. There are also bonus materials that come in the form of video lessons, downloadable PDFs and downloadable Excel/Sheets/Numbers documents.


I work with a financial advisor/financial planner/investment advisor, what will I get from this course that I can’t already get from them?

That’s great! This course perfectly complements the work that you do with your financial advisor, planner, or coach. Some advisors are great at educating their clients, but many do not have the time to go over the basics or may not do a great job of explaining investing in a way that this course can. In addition, working with someone who invests on your behalf can feel a bit isolating. This course educates you on a prudent investment strategy and educates you on what to look out for when it comes to working with someone else and trusting them to invest your money. No matter who you work with on your finances, you always want to be able to contribute to that partnership from a place of knowledge, this course will provide you just that. Go into every conversation with your financial professional, with confidence and understanding, plus the primer to learn and comprehend what they are suggesting to do next.


I’m from outside of the United States, is this course applicable to international students?

There are several parts of this course that are absolutely applicable across international lines; however, the strategy taught in this course, the platforms in use, and the more advanced modules that focus on retirement and tax planning are very much focused on the United States. Passive Index Investing is very much applicable to those living outside of the U.S. and I do believe there is still much you can learn from this course (specifically Module 1, Module 2, most of Module 4, and Module 5) but I will leave it up to you to decide if it’s the best ultimate decision for you. Some additional research may be required on your end to ensure you can apply the strategy from this course to your investing options available in your country.


Is this program really worth the price?

If you take this course but don’t take any action, this course isn’t worth a thing, but if you take what you learn and begin to invest, this course could be the first investment in a lifetime of riches built through your personalized investing strategy.


How is this program different from other programs and courses?

I created this course for the person who wants to invest because they know it is the secret to building significant wealth, but who doesn’t want it to consume them and become their full-time job. This program makes no assumptions. My method is to step through each concept in an easy-to-understand way, showing you how it’s done with behind-the-scenes views into my personal investing accounts, and providing you with a strategy that can be personalized to you, along with the why behind it.


Do you offer a refund or guarantee?

I absolutely provide a refund, if necessary. I want you to be happy and confident in your investment in this program. Please see my refund policy linked at the bottom of this page.


Are there any bonuses included?

Yes! There are bonus downloadable calculators that will help you make key investing decisions. The Bonus Buy a Home Module is one highly requested module I chose to include in this course, along with the Bonus LIVE Investing Module – in which you get to watch me invest using my personalized strategy developed from the teachings in this course.


Is my credit card safe when I purchase?

Yes – Being in the money space, this is extremely important to me. I have partnered with Stripe (a third-party payment processor) to handle all the billing and provide a secure encryption for your credit card transactions. This is the safest way to make purchases online.


I have another question. How can I ask it?

I’m happy to answer any questions in regards to your purchase decision of The Invested Program – to submit your question please email

30 days from now you can have an investing strategy that you fully understand and feel confident in, and you can be investing your way to real wealth.


Financial Freedom is Possible for You.

Let's Get To Work!




Lifetime Access to The Invested Program

Over 45 Video Lessons

Downloadable Presentations

Tons of Bonus Downloads

Private Facebook Group

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